February Craft!

February Craft!

Easy Cardboard Valentines!

You know I love cardboard and easy, fun projects with minimal supplies to purchase. We made these valentines last year and they were a big hit and so simple. So, follow along and get inspired to make your own DIY Valentines!

Supplies Needed

  • Thin cardboard, think cereal boxes or something like it. 
  • Kwix Sticks or another tempura marker. You could also use paint but you will need to wait longer for it to dry.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper to cover the back and write a note.

  1. Cut the cardboard into even strips, 2" long. There should be an even amount of strips at the end. You can do as many as you need.

2. Cut half of the strips into 2" squares and cuts hearts in the center. 

3. Have your little use the tempura sticks to create a collage of color on the full strips that were not used for hearts.

4. Have your little use the tempura sticks to make solid colors on the border of the hearts and/or on the heart cut outs.

5. Using glue, glue the heart cutout or heart onto the colorful strip to create a little artist's valentine!

6. You may want to glue a blank piece of paper on the back to write a note and cover the cereal packaging.

You could give as is, tied to a bag of candy or even glue a little candy on the valentine.



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