Thank you so much for being here and reading about this little dream of mine come to life! I am a mother of two creative, goofy girls and GOOD MOOD KIDS is an idea born through motherhood. I have always wanted my own store, even before having kids, but through becoming a mother I have really come to love the fun and creativity of kid's clothing, toys and decor and knew that's what I wanted to do.

When first dressing my own girls I found myself teetering between the boys and girls section often, trying to find the style I had in my mind. Comfortable, not frilly, cool and unique. This is the taste that you will find in GOOD MOOD KIDS, unisex, cool fashion you can pass down to all your littles, boys or girls.

Through motherhood I also felt myself overwhelmed by stuff. All the stuff you think you need, all the clothes piled high in drawers too full to open. My idea of offering capsule wardrobes for you stems from my interest in minimalism. Capsule wardrobes were such an interesting and novel concept for me and really helped me pare down my own closet as well as my kid's. Everything in the capsule is chosen with cohesion in mind. Everything can go together and be matched in many different ways. If you wanted to, you could buy one capsule and that would be all the clothes you really need.

So stay a while and look around. I am so glad you're here.