How We Create a Capsule Wardrobe for your Baby

How We Create a Capsule Wardrobe for your Baby

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A Capsule Wardrobe is a small collection of clothing that is able to mixed and matched easily to provide maximum wears and generate maximum different looks with a small amount of pieces. The goal of a capsule wardrobe is to reduce clothing waste, provide you with more space and more mental clarity around getting dressed for the day.

Do you use the capsule wardrobe concept for your own closet? I have used it for myself as a way to reduce my wardrobe and general "stuff". It is so much more streamlined and helps me not feel overwhelmed when walking into my closet. I wanted to apply this same concept for babies. It can get so overwhelming with so many sweet, adorable pieces to choose from, but it can really overload those drawers in the nursery. I wanted to offer something already curated for you to streamline the process.

We offer capsule wardrobes for babies 0-24 months. 

Comfort is Key

When I had my first I surprised myself by how often I reached for the comfy/cozy options over the "cute" and "stylish". My brain really shifted from what I thought I would choose pre birth to what I felt my baby needed in that moment. I just wanted her to be comfortable in something soft and cozy. 

Babies sleep a good amount of the day so it's no surprise that their sleep outfits can interchange with their daytime outfits. When I chose the items for our capsule I wanted to keep that in mind, especially for the little ones. 

If you're creating your own capsule I would add several bodysuits/sleepers to the mix, especially for the newborn to 6 month range. 


This is really where things can go off the rails and you can get overloaded with clothes. There are so many cute, adorable baby outfits out there it can be hard not to buy them. But if your goal is to reduce your clutter, reduce your laundry load and have more breathable space in your nursery I would start with a color palette and work from there. The closer you stick with that you will have more cohesive outfits with many different pieces that can work together.

At GOOD MOOD KIDS we started with a color palette and general feel. I chose items for our capsules that could be very interchangable with the other items. In our Autumn/Winter Capsules, you will see creams, greys and ginger. In our Spring/Summer capsules you will see added pops of green and yellow mixed in with the lighter creams. I would keep your color pallet to three or four colors. Also be mindful of prints. Stick to prints on either the tops or bottoms, cause having both will make it harder to mix and match.

An Entire Week

Capsule wardrobes simply mean a small collection of clothing pieces that can be easily interchanged and matched multiple ways, allowing a small wardrobe to achieve what a bigger wardrobe can do. I wanted to make sure I supplied an entire week's worth of outfits without having to launder. Some capsule options I've seen simply offer the mixing and matching as a way to create multiple outfits but you would have to launder in between. With our capsules you get an entire week's worth of stand alone outfits, then you can mix and match beyond that. I believe this truly adds to the value of our capsules. Plus, you don't have to be doing laundry all the time to keep up. 


Capsule wardrobes themselves are a much more sustainable and earth friendly option. You're taking the time to really plan and be purposeful with your space and clothing. The fashion industry is one of the major contributors to the earth's pollution. This is a way we can do our part. Our clothing is good quality, ethically made and gender neutral. Giving it the opportunity to pass on to many different babies and families. 

When you are done with your capsule you can send it back to us for a partial credit. Depending on the condition and how many items are sellable you will get a credit up to 25%. This will allow us to offer second hand capsules or partial capsules for a discounted price for those wanting second hand options.

Shop Our Options

Creating your own capsule can be really time consuming, but if you're passionate about it you can definitely do it yourself with a bit of planning. I would recommend you think about the quality of the fabric, the comfort factor, and the color palette for cohesion. 

If you don't want to take all the time to research and plan the capsule yourself, you can check out our capsule options here. Everything is already perfectly curated for you. Simply choose your size and season. If you have any questions about our capsules or about creating your own be sure to leave a comment, I would be happy to chat!

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