Top 5 Baby Gifts for Minimalist Parents!

Top 5 Baby Gifts for Minimalist Parents!

What do you buy a minimalist parent who just welcomed a new baby? Stick with consumables or experiences rather than tangible items as a general rule and they will truly appreciate it. This list also works for parents who have their second or more kid and likely have all the essentials already. Read along for my top 5 picks for minimalist parents!

1. A gift card for a parent + baby class or event! Experiences are where it's at for minimalists! If you want to get something meaningful that you know will be appreciated and used, give an experience. A gift card to a class or activity make for an amazing gift! Look in your local area to see what you can find. I would recommend a music class, parent + baby yoga, or some kind of movement class. Our local Little Gym starts classes at 9 months like these classes here!

2. A potted plant for the nursery! If you do want to give something physical, but minimal this is a good route. Just make sure they're plant people first so they are sure to appreciate it and not see it as a burden to take care of. Opt for a minimal style pot in a neutral color. Pothos are easy to care for and look great as they grow! I love this Pothos below from The Sill.

Pothos in Minimalist Pot

3. Diaper service or cleaning service! This is an ultimate luxury gift. The last thing new parents want to be worrying about is cleaning the house or doing loads of laundry. If you want to do something extra special, this is the way to go! You could do it for a certain number of weeks, months or year!

4. A capsule wardrobe from GOOD MOOD KIDS! Granted we may be biased, but our capsule wardrobes are made for minimalist parents! We have cohesive, gender neutral capsules that are appreciated by those parents who want to live with less and also value quality, sustainable materials. Minimalist parents really appreciate our buy back program as well, allowing them to recycle their capsule when they are done so that someone else can enjoy it! Read more here about how we create our capsule wardrobes.

Autumn Winter Capsule Wardrobe

5. A meal service! If you want to go above and beyond joining a meal train (which is a great idea too!) you could opt for a meal service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron for a certain amount of time. The plans are customizable to their preferences or diets. I know many parents would appreciate having cooking taken care of for them, or at least the prep work!

 Hello Fresh Meal

There you have it! My short and sweet list for top gifts for the minimalist new parent in your life! If you have a top gift you want to share, drop a comment below!

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