Top 5 Gift Ideas For New Moms!

Top 5 Gift Ideas For New Moms!

Our top gift ideas for what to give a new mom! Being a mom is hard work. Becoming a parent for the first time is such a huge shift in your life. Suddenly you have this little creature who is wholey dependent on you. There's a lot of pressure and anxiety and likely physical pain (if you are a birth parent) along with all the amazing, loving, and full of wonder feelings. I know after I became a mom I always wanted to show such care for the new moms in my life, knowing how big that life change can be. I wanted to round up some gift ideas for new moms/parents. I am sure lots of you have some great suggestions as well! So leave a comment and let me know your go to recipes and gifts! I would love to hear them so we can all share!


1. Make a meal!

It takes one big thing off the new parent's plate and gives them more time with their new little one or to get some much needed rest. One of my favorite go-tos is stuffed peppers! Easy to prep and all they have to do is pop it in the oven when they're ready! I also love making tamale pie. My good friend made it for me for my second and it's oh so yummy!

2. A thoughtful bouquet!

Flowers are always nice to receive, they don't take up much space and don't last forever. I love these Mother's Day Bouquets from Verdant. My husband got me one last year and they are absolutely gorgeous and perfectly selected. They also make their own gorgeous vases right here in KC at their parent company Convivial Production.

3. "Mama" Necklace

If you are particularly close with the new mom, these sweet necklaces are perfect! They are understated and gorgeous. Made by local jewelry designer, Sierra Winter Jewelry. Sierra's entire collection is stunning. Sierra Winter Jewelry pieces are made using high-quality sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil, and natural stones.

​4. A giftcard to her favorite coffeeshop!

A reason to get out of the house and get a little pick me up! Choose one close by her so it's extra convenient. My two favorites are Second Best and Mclain's.

5. Our Capsule Wardrobes!

A perfect shower gift for the minimalist mom in your life! This capsule wardrobe will make her life so much easier by reducing laundry loads and keeping things simple and streamlined!

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